Much Soup but No Burgers at Golf Club

By Alex Russon —

Unfortunately last weekend’s golf was a washout after a veritable pea souper rendered the course unplayable.

For a full 48 hours you could barely peek beyond the first tee, never mind see the humps, so quite rightly the course was closed. Golfers might have been left frustrated but a couple of cows thanked the fog for rolling in, members having been promised a burger after their round to commemorate the king’s coronation.

The midweek events weren’t weather affected though and yielded some impressive scores in benign conditions.

Wednesday Medal

Div 1 – D Barnard 62; D Gall 63; C Martin 64

Div 2 – A Gall 61; G Smith 64; C Watt 64

Div 3 – L Anderson 61; D Paton 63; R McAlpine 63

Men’s 9 Hole Stableford

M Gaskin 20; M Perks 18; D Allan 18

Ladies Medal

Div 1 – C Duncan 68; F Currie 68; W Lawrence 71

Div 2 – K Groundwater 64; L Carnie 69; E Gilmour 71

Ladies 9 Hole Strokeplay

J Mackintosh 33; L Molloy 33, M Samuel 34

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford

V Forrester 15; J Mackintosh 15; P Leiper 12

Ladies Seniors Stableford

E Highes 35; W Lawrence 35; F Currie 35