Reports, Policies and Grants

By Jane Cruickshank / June 27, 2023
Stonehaven Council offices

THE Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee convenes this morning with performance reports and policies to review along with applications to their budget to consider.

And for the last time, our councillors will consider a Kincardine and Mearns Area Plan – an area-specific report detailing ongoing actions – including the provision of new premises for Dunnottar Primary and Carronhill School. From the report, it appears there will be no progress in this combined project until next year. This project is flagged as overdue and awaits updates on timescales and an agreed capital plan.

Also overdue is the affordable housing at Ury Estate – the 91 units are now expected in 2026.

Going forward, the area plan is likely to be replaced by area activity reports issued on a service by service basis.

Meanwhile, the time taken to respond to applications for crisis grants, council tax reductions and housing benefit claims are tabulated in the Business Services report – and gives an indication fo the role of our local authority in assisting households under increased financial pressure – £753,428.41 was paid out in crisis grants for 22/23.

Each year our area committee is given a budget to disburse to community groups. This year our councillors have £81,200 to administer. Today, they look at applications including £381.53 to St James Church fothe r purchase of garden equipment to develop a small garden plot within the Church grounds for growing vegetables and flowers. And Arduthie PTA hope to purchase 6 recycled coloured plastic benches for the playground and have applied for £1,114.47.

This morning’s meeting at Viewmount Chambers is open to the public. It is also recorded and will be available online in due course. The full agenda and associated papers are also available online.