Pot Holes and the Post Office Hole

close up of post box opening

Dear Bellman

I wrote recently to the Council about Stonehaven’s collection of pot-holes.

Some are of such a vintage that they could be for consideration by the Antiques Road Show. I mentioned Thomson Terrace where to me there is less road surface than pot-hole. However, the response was that a “couple of defects” had been identified, presumably by someone’s guide dog, but the good news is that they will be dealt with in February 2024, “however this will be dependent on the resources available to the local team.”

As to the rest of Stonehaven, no date is given, but it may be before Armageddon, no doubt dependent on resources available to the local team. In my letter, I pointed out that the pot-holes in Robert Street had been filled in last year, but have re-emerged this year. Needless to say, this was not commented on. You may think that exercise was a waste of public money, but this seems to be a concept unknown to the Council.

The Post Office hole refers to the failure on the part of the Post Office to find an alternative to the branch in Allardice Street. I wrote, pre-covid, to the Head of PO who responded saying that PO were actively seeking such premises.

As nothing seems to be happening, I wrote again very recently asking what the current position is, advising of the vacant shop at the corner of Market Square and saying that if PO do not intend to find another place, they should be honest enough to say so.

The response is from Cath Bedford “Complaint Handler” on behalf of the Head of PO. My gerbil could have done better. The response does not say that PO are looking for other premises, nor does it say that they are not, but she kindly asked me to let the PO know of anyone who might be willing to run a branch.

I am currently preparing an illuminated placard for use at the Fireballs Ceremony, because she did not give me an help on identifying such persons and the police will not allow me to parade through the streets with my sandwich board.

The response is an insult to the people of Stonehaven and the surrounding area. One would have thought that PO might have given some thought to how to deal with people, given their appalling attitude to sub-postmasters whom they accused of theft, because, in their view, their computer system could not be wrong. Just like the weather, what a shower!

Yours etc

Douglas Cusine