Recreation Grounds EGM

By Jane Cruickshank / September 17, 2023
view of grounds across putting green

APOLOGIES for short notice on this matter – The Bellman was not informed of the event.

The trustees of Stonehaven Recreation Grounds are holding an EGM this afternoon at 3pm.

The Agenda includes:

1 Approval of accounts to 31st Jan 2023

2 Election of trustees

3 Election of Chairperson

4 Any other business

And without any doubt, the overwhelming subject of AOB discussion should be to decide whether or not to give permission to the Tennis Club to erect an inflatable tennis arena.

This has to be decided now, as Live Life Aberdeenshire are looking for conclusion of this matter by the end of the month.

A LLA spokesperson said: “All winning options from the Stonehaven participatory budgeting vote are subject to meeting a range of criteria to receive funding.

“With planning agreed, we are working with Stonehaven Tennis Club to develop its project to ensure it meets all the requirements for funding.

“This includes written confirmation from The Trustees of Stonehaven Recreation Grounds that Stonehaven Tennis Club has permission to erect a covered tennis space on the grounds.

“Should any project fail to meet the requirements, the funds will move to another option based on its ranking within the vote.

“The club has advised it will submit the required documents by the end of September, when officers review the full application.”

Unfortunately, due to a prior engagement, I am unable to attend the meeting.