By bellmannews / October 8, 2023

Our winter warmer event is intended to support those living below the poverty line who are pushed into the position of choosing whether to heat or eat by giving them the chance to get some warm clothing at no cost. Although there are cheaper alternatives, such as charity shops, not everyone can afford to buy the basics needed to get through cold winter months in the north-east.

We are looking for donations for adults and children of clean coats, jackets, hats, scarves and gloves that may be lying around the house and are no longer needed. They could make a potentially life-saving difference to someone in need. No shoes and no blankets/duvets please.

We have invited other churches and groups in the town to donate items to this project and we are getting word out about this event to invite people to come along and help themselves to what they need. Any items which remain after the event will be donated to Aberdeen Cyrenians or another local charity.