Views sought on draft Aberdeenshire Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2024-2029

By bellmannews / October 12, 2023

From: Aberdeenshire Council

There’s still time to share views about Aberdeenshire’s Strategic Housing Investment Plan, or SHIP, which details the potential affordable housing investment programme across the area from 2024-2029.

The plan sets out the strategic approach Aberdeenshire Council and its partners will take to deliver affordable housing in accordance with the local housing strategy.

Affordable housing can take a variety of forms, including social housing provided by councils and housing associations, and mid-market housing where homes have rents that are lower than the private-rented sector. Affordable home ownership is another route taken by some.

Delivery of the SHIP will involve a range of partners, including Aberdeenshire Council, housing associations, Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership, the Scottish Government, the development industry, and landowners.

The plan is available to view online, along with a short survey seeking feedback on the proposed approach to affordable housing over the next five years.

Communities Committee chair Cllr Anne Stirling said: “The main outcome of the SHIP is to enable the continued delivery of high quality, energy efficient affordable housing across Aberdeenshire.                                             

“I’d encourage anybody who hasn’t already done so to complete the survey so that as wide a range of views as possible can be gathered ahead of the plan being considered for approval.”

Committee vice-chair Cllr Hannah Powell said: “As well as highlighting where demand lies for properties, both in terms of house types and locations, the plan covers various important themes that are taken into consideration.

“These range from support for independent living and for households facing child poverty to 

the housing support services that are available, underlining the scope of this important plan.”

This consultation runs until the end of Tuesday, October 17, and can be found at:

Thereafter, a report will come before Communities Committee in November for consideration, following discussion by area committees.

Views are also being sought from tenants and through discussions with registered social landlords, private developers, and other services including planning, health and social care, and property.

Allison McIntyre - October 13, 2023

As with all strategies within Aberdeenshire Council , it’s all looks good but fails to materialise.
Why is affordable rental housing built in less affluent areas such as Peterhead and Fraserburgh?
Is there a reason, that council decision makers want to house low income families “ out of the way”?
Plenty homes to buy being built in Stonehaven and the price of private rentals are 50%over the housing benefit cap. I would move to another town , as facilities are lacking here in Stonehaven, however due to medical needs and support from family who stay in Stonehaven , we are trapped in a private rental paying extra rent from my low income as a single parent , which is at times unaffordable .
I cannot drive due to illness and public transport is unreliable. The private rental is not insulated and energy bills are high. Refused discretionary housing payments due to lack of council funding , despite my eligibility.
I first applied for an afordable home to rent her 10 years ago and still not secured a permanent home.
Attitudes of council and private landlords are still discriminative towards me with suggestions of my inability to be reliable to pay rent on time despite I can provide proof of10 years of rental payments on time .
The welfare fund can provide fianaicla support for deposits and removal costs but processing of applications are taking longer than 28 days which is too late when affordable housing is snapped up quickly. This has caused poverty as I have had to take out a personal loan to pay for deposits and removals in the passesd.
The council welfare dept also are calculating disability benefits as part of income when processing financial support. According to Advice . Scot this is wrong as disability benefits must be disregarded .

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