What do You Think About Stonehaven’s Town Centre?

By bellmannews / October 31, 2023
Town Clock spire

What do you think about the town centre – is there a good range of shops and services? Does it look smart? Can you park your car easily? What else would you like to see?

Aberdeenshire Council’s Planning Information and Delivery Team is now looking for the public and businesses to provide views on a number of aspects of their town centres – which will build up a clearer picture of the health of a particular town to complement the survey work that has been undertaken by officers.

You do not have to live in these towns to be able to respond, but if you regularly visit any of them, we would encourage you to complete the survey.

You can participate in the survey at https://engage.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/hub-page/town-centre-health-checks

bellmannews - November 1, 2023

Hello Jack – well that’s a good start to get others thinking about things. But I very much hope you used the link to complete the survey because that way, your comments will add to those made by others and build a better picture of how we all feel about the town centre.

Jack - October 31, 2023

Barclay streets is a mess and dirty. Building above co.op looks shabby it all need fixed, cleaned up. Bus stops are dirty need washed down.

crown hotel sign needs removed as people ask how to get in.

No post office and up town it is too small and people get angry in the queue as people take to long when 1 staff member is on.

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