Wabbit after Babet

one of the benches on the prom almost buried in shingle and with branches sticking out

Dear Bellman

Communities across Scotland are licking their wounds and no more so than the North East of Scotland.

I’m sure it’s left us all a wee bit wabbit after Babet!

The boardwalk is torn up by the Easterly storm and the area is strewn with flotsam and jetsam. Seaweed appears to be our new weed. It is a far cry from our glory days of Beautiful Scotland!

I fear it will take some considerable time to recover.

For now though you’ve got to congratulate the team of Council workers who worked tirelessly to clear and make good as best they could the beach front and promenade. Hundreds of tons of shingle were deposited on Beach Road. More like a quarry than a public thoroughfare.

Hats off to you all. Thank you and well done.

John Cruickshank

Stonehaven Horizon Project