School Report – Could do Better

By bellmannews / November 20, 2023
screenshot of part of the report

THE Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meet tomorrow, with a host of planning applications to determine and service performance reports to consider.

Last item on the agenda is a performance report by Education and Children’s Services. Despite repeated readings I find only a four-paged report about the need to write a report. ‘Yes Minister’ springs to mind.

I did find one paragraph containing some information:

”Three of the five measures with an area-perspective linked to the Strategic
Priorities, and updated by ECS during the first six months of the current
reporting year, are performing within or exceeding target.”

That means two out of five are not – but there is no discussion or clarification.

An accompanying appendix does at least furbish our elected representatives with some information – 79.2% of Live Live Aberdeenshire, LLA assets, ie 19 of 24 buildings, are in satisfactory condition. That means five are not.

While LLA is apparently under this directorate, I see no reference to school buildings. There is no mention of Dunnottar Primary School or Carronhill.

As for the Strategic Priorities referred to – a quick look online gives insight.

The first two goals for Infrastructure and public assets are:

  • Deliver an ambitious yet affordable Capital Programme
  • Create and sustain a Council Estate that is fit for purpose to provide modern public services that meet the current and future needs of our communities

According to the performance report the local authority is exceeding its infrastructure and public assets target.

Hopefully councillors – who were unable to offer any insight on the prospect of new schools for Stonehaven at last week’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council – will glean more useful information during the meeting.

The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meets tomorrow morning in Viewmount chamber at 9.30 am.

The full agenda and associated reports are available online.