Your Opinion Counts

By Jane Cruickshank / December 7, 2023
rainbow over the bay

SO far 900 Stonehaven residents have added their voice to an ongoing consultation to help develop a local place plan for the town – meanwhile the questionnaire is still live online, and a session at Mackie Academy on Saturday gives you a chance to find out more.

This new step in the process towards Aberdeenshire Council’s next Local Development Plan for 2028- 2038 gives communities the ability to state their preferred way forward – and this must be taken into consideration.

Clearly, as in any consultation, the more participation, the more meaningful the results. The project is being led by Stonehaven and District Community Council.

Chairman David Lawman said: ”It is great that 900 people have had their say, but the more people that take part, the more it will ensure the content of our Local Place Plan is fully representative of the views of the townspeople.”

So – do you want more housing in Stonehaven? If so what kind and where? Or do you think home-building should stop for now?

What land or buildings would you like to see protected? Are there enough sports/leisure facilities. What about shops?

Are there community-led projects you would want to see actually happen – better storage for community groups or improvements to the lanes connecting the promenade to the town centre for example. If you have suggestions of your own – there is scope to have them recorded.

Open session at Mackie Academy on Saturday

Members of Stonehaven and District Community Council who are leading the consultation along with other volunteers will be present in the school foyer from 10am to 2pm. This is your chance to ask questions about the process and add your thoughts about the town using sticky notes.

Laptops and I-pads will be available for those who would like help to complete the online questionnaire