Seeing Red About Lights

red traffic light against darkening sky

Dear Bellman,

(sent Tuesday, February 6)

Contgratulations to Aberdeenshire Council for a traffic mismanagement scheme on the road leading from David Street to the AWPR. A third-world country would be embarrassed by this.

Initially, there was a 4-way system controlled by traffic lights. It did not seem to occur to anyone in the Council to close the Den of Logie Road from the A90 and then there would have been only a 3-way system. The phasing between light changes was too long and led, at busy times, in particular, to long queues. Did anyone in the Council think of that?

Yesterday (Monday) we had a two-way system. At 12.30pm, I was in my car at the foot of the Den of Logie. I waited for 9 minutes for the lights at the junction with Beach road to change. By that time, the traffic from the AWPR was backed up as far as I could see. I just got through these lights but others went through on “red” because, understandably, drivers were letting those from Beach Road out. What it was like at rush hour last night, I can only guess. I assume that no-one from the Council was there at that time.

This morning, there is a 3-way system, with the additional one on Belmont Brae. I came down the Den of Logie road at 8.00am and again waited 8 minutes for the lights at Beach Road to change. Many cars and a bus simply ignore the red light and proceeded, as it was obvious that the lights at David Street and those on Belmont Brae was at red.

I reported yesterday’s episode to the Police who advised, without a trace of a smirk, that I should report the matter to the Council via RIComs who are located, heaven-knows where but not in Stonehaven as the person who replied, promptly, said he would contact those locally.

To her credit, Councillor Dickinson is “on the case.”

Some time ago, in 2018, I had not got a reply from the Roads Department to a letter, nor a reply to a reminder, both hand-delivered. Instead of reporting that Department yet again to the Ombudsman, I wrote to the Chief Executive, (the letter had to be signed for). I have made allowances for strikes by the Post Office and Royal Mail, but I still await an acknowledgement. I should perhaps have used a first-class stamp! In my opinion, that approach to a legitimate concern may set the tone.

Douglas J. Cusine

George Topp - February 8, 2024

Purely a pedantic comment – it’s actually Den of Cowie, Den of Logie is actually a few miles north
I’ve no idea how this misconception started but it seems to be common !!

Ian Philip - February 7, 2024

Well done Douglas – I fully agree that our council roads department and in fact the team who manage any or all or these works do not care about the impact of any works. I support a scheme where any and all works if they affect people / transport or businesses they should be held to account – but made to pay compensation for losses!

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