Road Proposal for Promenade

Dear Bellman

Following last week’s heavy seas, there has been much speculation on social media about what should be done with Stonehaven Beach and Promenade. Certainly the concrete promenade from the Cowie to Salmon Lane has been there since the 1960s  and I have said previously that Stonehaven deserves something better.

I was browsing old Mearns Leaders and found that the Town Council had ambitious plans for a road along the seafront, connecting the Promenade road with a new bridge over the River Cowie and running all the way along to the River Carron.

And when was this planned?  Would you believe in 1934 – 90 years ago. Of course, Stonehaven had a great Town Council then and who had just opened the Open Air Pool and were attracting thousands of visitors to the Town.  The cost then was £27,000, equivalent to £2.4 million today.

Sadly this never came to pass, but you can dream what a difference it would have made to the Town. Could it still be done today?

Yours etc

Gordon J N Ritchie MVO DL