Is There Someone You Know Making Stonehaven Life a Little Better?

By bellmannews / February 18, 2024
image of award just presented cropped to just the award

EACH year, Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC, along with our Business Association and churches recognise a local who has made a difference – by giving them the Community Award.

There are many ways to earn the gratitude of Stonehaven’s townsfolk. Stevie Smith who won it in 2021 is tireless in his litter picking.

in 2022, Jim Stephen and George Reid were joint recipients of the Community Award – George for his role in the town’s successful entry in Beautiful Scotland and as organiser of the Fireballs, and Jim for his relentless work via the STP, the Fireballs and countless local tasks like erecting the town’s Christmas tree.

Meanwhile last year’s winner, Dr David Smail, helps keeps the streets looking their best and with his shopping trolley and tidy up tools is a familiar sight to everyone frequenting the town centre. 

Who should be our next winner

It’s now down to you, to nominate someone you feel should receive a well-earned pat on the back.

The Award is orchestrated by SDCC, who issued the following guidance:

The award will be given to a person who is over 18 years of age and who has achieved outstanding achievement, excellence or merit in one of the following areas:

voluntary work in the community

academic or sporting success

an act of bravery

outstanding caring or community service

special achievement despite limitations imposed by hardship, disability or long term illness

enhancing the perceived image of our community

or any other appropriate kind of excellence.

The candidate must have a strong association with Stonehaven.

The nomination must be in writing or by e mail and must include a supporting statement explaining the reasons for nomination; it should be submitted by a person not related to the candidate. Submissions must be received by the secretary (including complete name, address and telephone number/e mail) by February 26.

The candidate must agree to being nominated and to the presentation and publicity that will be given to the award prior to nomination

Please send any nominations by February 26 to the above postal address or to the e mail address

The final decision will be made by representatives of the partner groups above. Presentation of the Award will be made thereafter. This will consist of a parchment scroll/certificate and an inscribed plaque.