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By bellmannews / March 4, 2024

By Helga Macfarlane

Stonehaven Patient Participation Group are finally back up and running at full momentum after the
COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent workload pressures at the Medical Practice forced a lengthy

The group spent the tail end of last year identifying key development areas, with a priority being to
make their membership better reflect the diverse patient population they represent. There are
currently 13 PPG volunteers, eight women and five men, and although young at heart they are mostly of
a ‘more mature’ age bracket! Anyone is welcome, but they are particularly keen to have
representation from younger age groups, carers of young & old, a wider range of ethnicities &
nationalities, and the disabled.

No special knowledge is needed, just a little spare time and a willingness to contribute your
perspective as a patient towards helping Stonehaven Medical Group provide the best possible
healthcare for the community. Meetings are held at the Medical Centre in Robert Street every 6 to
8 weeks on Mondays at 6. Anyone interested in finding out more or joining a meeting is asked to
contact the PPG by email at:

Please like and follow the new Facebook page to keep in touch with local health and wellbeing

Also underway is a review of the Stonehaven Medical Practice website, with the aim of identifying
and prioritising the main areas patients access, to make it as user friendly as possible. Look out
for a questionnaire being launched shortly to gather information for this!

More education evenings are in the pipeline following the success of the ‘Ask the Pharmacist’
session held in December. Topics being considered include First Aid/CPR, Dementia and Child
Health. However, suggestions for other topics can be made by emailing or commenting on the
relevant Facebook post. Education evenings are held on Monday evenings at the Medical Practice
at 6pm, and last around 90 minutes.

Finally, as part of the PPG’s aim to provide as effective a patient-led link between the community
and the Medical Practice as possible, they are keen to establish connections with local clubs,
societies, groups and organisations of all kinds and would like to build up a comprehensive list of
contacts for this. They would love to hear from your group, who or what ever you do! Please email
brief details of anything you organise or take part in! (If providing another person’s contact details
don’t forget to ask their permission first).

Stonehaven Patient Participation Group

Now have a look at the latest Surgery Snippets – you can read it in the pane below or use the download link.