Bay Name Challenge

view of Botany Bay - the bay beyond the inner harbour

Dear Bellman

A friend recently asked me where Botany Bay got its name and having done a lot of looking online, I can’t find much information.

I wondered if any of your local community knows the answer? Even the old maps are proving fruitless as many early cartographers seem to just use the overriding ‘Stonehaven Bay’.

Many thanks

Gill Grant

What a nice wee teaser for the weekend if you can help solve the name mystery, please either leave a comment or email

Robin Barclay - April 5, 2024

When I was a young loon playing at the harbour, that area was known as Butney Bay…

Botany Bay is an Aberdeenshire Council or Google Maps misspelling of the original word… or a bay in Australia maybe?

If yi dinna believe me, speir the aulder worthies that were brought up aside the herbour, I’m sure they will confirm my statement…

I have my fauts but being wrong isn’t one of them…😂😂

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