Beware of Pothole

deep pothole in foreground

Dear Bellman

There is a pothole at the junction of Mary Street and Robert Street, which has been there for months.

It is getting larger, surprise,surprise. It cannot be seen during the hours of darkness, nor when it is raining. If a cyclist goes into it, the consequences for the cyclist and the Council could be serious. The cyclist may care, but the Council do not.   

I have  been advised this morning that this pothole will be attended to at the latest by 18 January  2025, but note the qualification “resources permitting.” Tar and stones must be difficult to come by, or may be members of the Roads Department are working from home and scared to come out for fear of disappearing into a pothole. By 2025, you might not see a single-decker bus in this pothole, but the bus might be visible from Mars. 

Yours etc

Douglas Cusine