Concerns Include Reduced Role for Viewmount

By bellmannews / April 12, 2024
Stonehaven Council offices

The closure of Stonehaven’s council office as a service centre, along with library opening hours and the condition of our community bus are areas of concern to be highlighted by Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC, in a letter to Aberdeenshire Council.

The latest budget for our local authority came with a swingeing series of cuts to service. One money-waving move is the closure of five out of eight of the Council’s service points – including the one in Viewmount.

New service point arrangements

At SDCC’s meeting on Tuesday evening, Cllr Sarah Dickinson provided an update on the new arrangements for accessing council services, which will come into effect on Friday April 26.

Mrs Dickinson said the service staff would continue to work by telephone.

And she said: ”The Community and Leisure Centres will be providing the contact point, and the staff at the Library will be signposting.

”All staff are going to be trained to deal with any point of contact from the public,” she said.

With these changes, the staff of Live Life Aberdeenshire are coming to the fore as an interface with the public.

Ian Hunter noted a long-standing invitation to Live Life Aberdeenshire to attend an SDCC meeting.

”I’d like to ask if that request could be made again,” he said.

Library opening hours and minibus

Steve McQueen also flagged the number of occasions the library has been closed and questioned the reason.

He said: ”In February when Tim Stephen the area manager was here, he said there was an exceptional amount of staff sickness.

”But when I went to the library I was told the cover was not in place due to the budget and that the level of staffing has changed from two members of staff to one.”

And later on in the meeting the condition of the community bus was discussed, and described as being ‘on its last legs’ with its lift not working. This was noted as being, ‘something else we need to talk to Live Life Aberdeenshire about’.