Hen Coop Ruffles Planners’ Feathers

By bellmannews / April 29, 2024

A RETROSPECTIVE planning application for a hen coop and potato store will be considered at tomorrow’s meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee – but has been recommended for refusal by planners who say the building appears more suitable for a residential garden building.

Mr Alan and Mrs Paula Donald are seeking full planning permission for the erection of a potato store and chicken coop (Retrospective) at alnd to the South West of Carronlea, Kirktown of Fetteresso.

The timber structure features a single pitch roof, and a total of eight windows – and it is these windows that leads planners to conclude it is not the perfect design for the use stated.

In their report to councillors it is stated: ”Although the application refers to the erection of a potato shed and chicken coop, it is evident that the design is very domestic having the distinct appearance of a residential garden building normally found within domestic curtilages.

”Furthermore, it is understood that potatoes must be stored in a dark, cool and well-ventilated space, which the building does not appear to provide.”

And as the Kirkton of Fetteresson is a conservation area, they also cite the impact the appearance of the building would have, saying they fear it would ‘contribute to the incremental erosion of its setting and character’.

The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meets tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9.30am in the Viewmount Chamber – members of the public are welcome to attend.