Have You Signed Cllr Agnew’s Petition?

By bellmannews / May 19, 2024
shot of the resource centre and its large bay window area

Cllr Wendy Agnew is petitioning for a return of the North Lounge and kitchen of the Invercarron Resource Centre to be returned to the groups using the building before it was repurposed as a vaccination centre. Some 1334 residents have added their voice to the request.

Mrs Agnew has kindly set out her thoughts on the matter.

Two years have elapsed since the community of Stonehaven and District lost their Resource Centre social care and wellbeing services for the elderly and the vulnerable to make way for a vaccination centre.

The effects of the loss of these highly valued and successful health and wellbeing services from the purpose built Resource Centre are still deeply felt.  

I feel it is now time to heal the wounds of 2022 and by launching the Petition send a clear message to Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership that now is the time to get our heads together and work towards a more satisfactory solution to the problem of such a large and well equipped facility being used for vaccination purposes only.

As Covid vaccinations are now restricted to certain groups, the vaccination programme is somewhat diminished. I am aware that there are plans for other vaccinations but I do not believe that this would require both lounges.    

If we wish to heal the wounds of 2022 surely it would be possible to SHARE the large Invercarron building and GIVE BACK the Cowie Lounge to the health and wellbeing services the Resource Centre was originally built to provide and which have sadly and unnecessarily been withdrawn for too long.    

I recently attended a NHS Grampian meeting and was pleased to note, on their Plan for Future Healthier Together, their was the question “What can we do more of together” ? I suggest we can do ‘More of Together’ by listening and GIVING BACK to the community, instead of TAKING AWAY, and I am convinced that a more happy, contented and helpful community would emerge.

It is not a big ask to give back the North Lounge and the use of the kitchen to the elderly and the vulnerable to the benefit of their health and well- being as originally intended and for the general benefit of the community of Stonehaven and District.    


The lnvercarron Resource Centre in Stonehaven was purpose built in 1995 for the express use and support of the elderly and others in the town of Stonehaven and the surrounding areas and served the people well.

Seventeen years later Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) closed the centre advising that they required the whole building for COVID Vaccination purposes.

One of the partners in the AHSCP advised as follows —

“I appreciate that lnvercarron Resource Centre is a valued resource for the community and supports many groups that help to prevent social isolation and promote help and well being. However, the most significant service priority for both Aberdeenshire Council and AHSCP is the continued rollout of the Covid 1 9 vaccination programme.”

There were around 30 Groups using the lnvercarron Resource Centre which included – The Stroke Club, Nlacmillan Gentle Movement Class, Alzheimer’s Scotland Day Care, Alzheimer’s Weekend Respite Care Visual Impairment Class, Arthritis Care Stonehaven, Carers Support, Carron Club Day Care, Lunch Social Club, Samson Art, Stonehaven Art Club, Floral Art Club, Yoga, Craft Group. Board Games, Friendly Teas, Music and Movement Bridge Club, Gentle Exercise Classes, Knitting Group and the

Talking Newspapers. Other local Community Groups also used the centre for the occasional meetings.

In times of an adverse or dangerous events such as floods, the Centre is well equipped to give shelter, sustenance and comfort to residents who may have to be evacuated and the kitchen is well equipped to cater for any eventuality.

As the Covid 1 9 programme has been reduced to certain groups and the elderly aged 65 and over it would stand to reason that the whole of the lnvercarron Resource Centre building is not now required and it would be a magnanimous gesture of AHSCP to return the North Lounge and Kitchen back to the community for which it was built.

Councillor Wendy Agnew — Stonehaven & Lower Deeside Ward 18