Visitor Says Dogs Were Out of Control in Woods

Yellow autumn foliage on trees at entrance to woods.

Dear Bellman

As a visitor to the town I took my two dogs on leads to Dunnottar Woods where they were allowed to have a run when it was safe for them to do so.

Descending down to the car park, they were back on leads, when we were greeted by around 6- 8 dogs running out of control and a Doberman jumped at me and my two dogs, nearly knocking me to the ground. 

I shouted to the handler who turned out to be a dog walking service. The woman was extremely rude when asked to get the dogs under control and said, using bad language if I was knocked over I should watch where I was going! 

I am disgusted these people should be charging owners, who are totally unaware their dogs are out of control. And above all, they need to learn civility. I shall be putting in a formal complaint to the licensing authority.   

Yours etc

J Bremner
Disgusted responsible dog owner.