Help Hit the Street Weeds

By bellmannews / July 8, 2024

YOU are invited to join volunteers from Stonehaven Horizon Project and Plastic Free Stonehaven to try and remove weeds around the town centre on Thursday evening.

During the summer months, Horizon volunteers have an evening outing, the Thursday Night Hit Squad, where they tackle small jobs that can be accomplished in an hour – and tackling the weeds lining our pavements is right up their street.

Meanwhile, Plastic Free Stonehaven are well-known for their monthly beach litter picks which are part of their campaign to achieve plastic-free status for the town.

There are many weeds. Our local landscape services team have sprayed around the town centre, but do not have the resources to do any more. So smartening the pavements and gutters is down to a bit of community spirit and civic pride.

If you would like to join in and enjoy the satisfaction of improving Stonehaven for all, then please come along to the Market Square Plainstones on Thursday evening at 6.30pm. If you have a hoe and gardening gloves you can bring along that would be helpful, though tools will be available for use. Bags for weeds etc will be provided.

dead weeds lining a pavement