Special Meeting on Local Plan

By Jane Cruickshank / August 19, 2019
photo of LDP main issues report booklet and response form

OUR councillors meet tomorrow to consider responses to the Main Issues Report on Aberdeenshire’s next Local Development Plan, LDP.

The special meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee will convene in Woodhill House at 10am tomorrow.

The LDP is a document in two halves: first there are the policies that underpin all development within the Shire. Then there is a settlement by settlement map with proposed new land use – ie where the next houses, businesses and amenities should be built.

The next LDP for 2021 is based on the current LDP, which was enacted in 2017. Proposed changes to the 2017 plan were highlighted in the Main Issues Report.

The Main Issues Report was put out to public consultation earlier this year, with members of the public, developers and bodies such as SEPA and SNH being asked to comment.

And on the agenda tomorrow, are those comments which are detailed and discussed, then appropriate changes to the LDP recommended.

To prepare for this meeting, our elected representatives will have had to plough their way through a 350-page report.

The agenda starts with policies, then moves on to settlements in the Kincardine and Mearns area, which will be looked at in alphabetical order. It is possible the discussions on Stonehaven may spill over to a second day of the meeting on Wednesday.

The full agenda paperwork is available to download on the Aberdeenshire Council website.