Carron River flood work in Stonehaven

The work that is being done on the Carron river and Glasslaw burn progresses at it’s own pace. Sometimes there is a big change then it slows down a bit. It’s certainly worth a walk around to see what has changed.

The problem can be that once it has changed you can find it difficult to remember what it looked like before. To help this I have been taking quite a few photographs both before and during the work. The ‘before’ pictures are in an album on my Facebook page. ttps:// I took them on the 17th of September 2015 after a request by John Briggs to the Camera Club. It’s only recently that I remembered about them and realised their significance. I’ll add any other old images I come across if they are relevant.

The White Bridge as it was on the 17th of September 2015.

The ‘during’ pictures are also on my Facebook page in another album and will be added to as I take more.

The green metal barrier between the red and green bridges has gone. The red bridge is closed to pedestrians but hasn’t been removed – yet.

The trees in Carron Terrace have been lopped and the new wall on the other side is now at full height.

A bare Carron Terrace.
The finished wall – presumably it will have coping stones on top.

The heavy rain recently has no doubt caused some problems.

The Glasslaw Burn has overflowed the dam that was put in place.
From the Green Bridge the extra flow is obvious
At the White Bridge area.

Saturday 5th October. The advance of the metal piling has been heard as well as seen this week. It’s working its way up Carron Terrace. The new wall on the opposite side is at full height for most of it’s length. A similar wall is growing by the day on the east side of the Glasslaw burn and the steel skeleton of the west side is well under way.

The metal monsters are marching!
A panorama of the wall
The Glasslaw burn. The completed section of wall is to the right of the little bridge
7th December 2019. The wall round the Leslie’s house has facing stone in place and has no gaps giving them more protection from the river.
7th December 2019. The steel piling is in place at the west end of Carron Terrace.
7th December 2019. The supports for both ends of the new Green Bridge are well under way. Progress is on schedule. Treeless Carron Terrace is looking a bit battered which, though necessary, is unfortunate.
15th. December 2019. The supports for the new green bridge are more obvious. See picture below as well.
16th December 2019. Carron Terrace still looks a bit rough but the new wall opposite is looking much more impressive. It’s coping stones are now in place.