Community Council Seek Answers From Developer

By Jane Cruickshank / November 16, 2019
Stonehaven ruined Ury House

THE developer behind Ury Estate is invited to attend next month’s meeting of Stonehaven Community Council, SDCC, to answer questions they have about latest proposals there.

Last month, a planning application was submitted for 19 flats in the listed building – whilst retaining the golf course club house in the lower ground floor that was part of earlier plans for a five-bedroom hotel.

According to the architect’s supporting statement which is now posted online, ”To compliment this use it is proposed to operate the 32 bedroom suites consented for the walled garden which will be serviced by the facilities at the Clubhouse for eating and drinking along with check-in and concierge. These suites will provide accommodation for visiting golfers and tourists coming to the area.”

But the shifting nature of the development that has caused some of the community councillors to seek clarification and explanation.

At Tuesday’s meeting of SDCC, Jim Stephen said: ”It is not the development that was sold to the town.”

Mr Stephen said the hotel at Ury would have filled the gap in Stonehaven where there are now few venue options.

”This was sold to the town as being a real jewel in the crown,” he said.

”I acknowledge the downturn in the oil industry and the need for smaller houses. But tourism is up dramatically in this area and I am struggling to get my head around it,” he added.

Alistair Lawrie said he felt the developer should be invited to meet with SDCC, so any ”difficult questions” could be answered.

This sentiment was echoed by Paul Lindopp who said it would be better to listen, before ‘sticking our oar in’.

Some discussion was also had about inviting the planning officer dealing with the applications at Ury, but The Bellman is now advised it is Mr Jonathan Milne who is hoped to attend.