Flats in Pipeline?

By bellmannews / January 4, 2020
Stonehaven ruined Ury House

WHILE listed building consent has been granted for 19 flats at Ury House, it appears the nearby pipeline may yet prove a stumbling block for the developers who require full planning permission to go ahead.

In a report relating to the application, planners point out that listed building consent considers only the proposed physical works to the category B listed Ury House, which currently has full planning permission for a five-bedroom hotel.

” The principle of the change of use, along with the ancillary requirements for parking, drainage, amenity space and access are considered under a Full Planning Permission (FPP) application,” the report states.

Pipeline concerns

And when it comes to full planning permission, The Health and Safety Executive have their say. Their response is – there are sufficient reasons, on safety grounds, to advise against the proposals due to the proximity of ‘a major accident hazard pipeline – Ineos Forties pipeline’.

This should come as no surprise to the FM Group as a previous application for a 35-bedroom hotel was refused due to Health and Safety Executive objection on basis of proximity to pipeline and associated risk.

The latest HSE response goes on to state that Aberdeenshire Council may not give permission for the flats without first notifying Scottish Ministers who could call in the application for their determination – or clear it back to the planning authority.