Carron River Flood Work Update – In Pictures

By Martin Sim / March 28, 2020
The seaward end of the flood work

As the flood defence work has been put on hold for the time being, due to the virus, here are some photographs of how the different parts are looking.

From the road bridge. The North wall complete with coping stone on top and facing stonework on both sides. Protective matting starting to be put in place prior to the steel piling being removed and work starting on the south side. The steps on the left will have permanent railings.

The existing wall on the south side was to be left but will now have to be demolished and rebuilt as it would be affected by the steel piling instillation work.

The flood work to the west of the road bridge has not progressed much. The grit road level was raised to keep the roadway dry but that’s all the is visible.

From the site of the White Bridge to the start of Carron Terrace it is very difficult to see any detail of what has been happening as the high green screen and the steel piling obscure your view.

The access along Carron Terrace is just the width of the pavement which makes it difficult to keep a ‘respectful distance’ apart so, as a concession to the residents in Carron Terrace for the duration of the virus restrictions, general public access to the Terrace is not allowed. The photos below were taken earlier.

The steel rods sticking up out of the cement are the next stage of the ‘floating wall’ foundations. The river flows on the far side of the steel piling. The gap in the new wall is where a flood gate will be installed. It will be closed manually when the river rises to dangerous levels. When open it will allow the public to walk the ‘dam road/ dam path/white bridge path/’
At the west end of Carron Terrace the wall has reached it’s full height and facing stone is being cemented on. This photo is a few weeks old so it will be further on now.
The stonework facing to both sides of the Green Bridge foundations is almost complete.
Temporary bridging is a necessity at various points to allow the machines to get access to the work.
From Low Wood Road.
From Low Wood Road.
From Low Wood Road.

Looking over from Low Wood Road the walls progress along the top of Carron Terrace is noticeable. The texture on the riverside is just moulded in rather than cemented stonework. This is the section where quite a few big old trees were cut down.

Low Wood Road is restricted.
Red Bridge area.
Red Bridge area.

At the site of the old Red Bridge there has been significant work done. There is steel piling at either side of the river to support the new bridge, and the banks at either side have been raised to the new height.. A temporary bridge is in place but it is not accessible to the public.

The instillation of the new Red Bridge is eagerly anticipated by many people.
Work at the Glasslaw Burn hasn’t progressed much. The stone facing on the burn side of the wall is now complete. Both of the small bridges that the burn flow under are due to be replaced to create an increase in capacity.
Sheila Tolmie - March 31, 2020

An update was sent out to local residents and the latest programme is on the website

We have up today’s pictures before the site closure. Thanks for your overview. If you wish further information please drop me an email

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