Phoenix Fund Proposal

By Jane Cruickshank / June 10, 2020

STONEHAVEN’S Business Association has registered its interest in a £10,000 business stimulation fund – with a community hub website / phone app being proposed.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Phoenix Fund aims to stimulate our town centres after the rigours of the lockdown – through collaborative business led projects.

One idea being promoted is a Stonehaven version of an off-the-shelf directory website Our Community Hub.

Last night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council was conducted via phone links. Mike Duncan told members proposed physical developments in the town, such as civic artwork, would not be possible due to the time needed for public consultation and planning permission.

He described the hub website as a, ‘comprehensive and powerful tool’ with scope to list news and events. Push notifications, he said, would hopefully generate more sales for businesses.

But he said there were issues that had to be resolved – duplication with Stunning Stonehaven being one. And he said he worried there was an ‘opportunity cost’.

”We want to get the best out of this money,” he said.

Dawn Black of the Business Association addressed the meeting. She said the contents of Stunning Stonehaven would migrate to the new website, which could retain the Stunning Stonehaven title.

She added the Business Association hoped the site could fall under the auspices of Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group.*

Members of SDCC proposed no alternative suggestions for Stonehaven’s use of the Phoenix fund and voted in favour of the hub proposal – subject to support from other stakeholders and the integration of existing community sites into the new site/app.

Ideas Still Welcome

There is still scope for other projects to come forward for discussion. Yesterday, the Business Association posted a Facebook appeal for suggestions as to how the £10,000 could be spent to benefit the town centre.

*Please note a correction to this story – I had originally identified the Stonehaven Town Partnership here – in error. Thanks to Dawn Black for putting the record straight in her comment below.

Dawn Black - June 11, 2020

I’d just like to correct the record – I am quoted as suggesting that the proposal would be “under the auspices of the Stonehaven Town Partnership”. This is incorrect – I actually said that it would come under the umbrella of the Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group which comprises of all the groups that have a stake in the future of our town, with the Stonehaven Business Association taking the lead.

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