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By Alex Russon / December 8, 2020

The damage caused by the affliction of alcohol and drug dependency is a tragedy the world over and, just like the Covid pandemic, it’s a condition which doesn’t respect class or culture. You can be dependent on alcohol or drugs at virtually any age whether you’re unemployed, employed, retired, rich, poor or anything in between. It’s a blight on society across the globe and the region of Aberdeenshire is impacted just as keenly as any other community, no-one is immune to the trauma of substance misuse.

Stonehaven is just one of many towns in the region afforded the benefits of Aberdeenshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP), a service which dedicates itself to supporting those who’ve fallen into addiction or who’re dealing with the substance dependency of a loved one. The service throws its arms open to those who need help and would be delighted to get alongside you if support is needed. 

Here’s how you can reach them –

Tel – 01224 558844

Email –

Website –

For my part, reaching out for help to address my alcoholism was a life saver. I suppose I could have muddled through for a few more unfulfilling years if I’d have kept on drinking,but it wasn’t really ‘living’, just existing. I’d lurch from one day of remorse to another, furious that I’d picked up a drink yet again, but feeling powerless over it. However, a new dawn broke when people came alongside me, counselling and supporting me, and this same opportunity is offered to you if you find yourself in a similarly abject position. ADP would be delighted to hear from you and provide assistance.

The assumption is often made that you need to have a half bottle of vodka under your pillow to be an alcoholic, or be sprinting to the pub each lunchtime as the clock strikes twelve, but that’s not the truth. You can go a significant period of time without a drink yet still be an alcoholic because drink is subtle in the way it pervays our lives. It’s easy to drift into a state of alcoholism without even noticing. As years pass by, alcohol can gradually become the habitual release after a long shift at work, the consolation after a difficult day, the reward for an achievement or the ‘pick me up’ after a disappointment. Before you know it drinking is punctuating all occassions, significant or otherwise, becoming a routine feature in your life, literally lubricating your existence from day to day. Alcohol dependency sneaks up on you, it’s a subtle enemy, manifesting itself in many ways, tempting, goading, convicting and mocking. It’s a horrible disease, embedding itself in you, uninvited but demanding squatters rights. It won’t leave you without a heck of a fight, but the peace enjoyed when you do find yourself free of it, or clean from drugs, is indescribable. Sobriety is such a blessing.

Just as addicts suffer from their affliction, similarly, family members, friends and loved ones of addicts experience deep trauma, struggling with a sense of helplessness and despair. Watching someone you love descend into hopeless insobriety is painful, but help is offered to such individuals too. There are people who’ll assist you if you’re coping with a relationship that’s being blighted by drink, local support groups would be pleased to share the burden, or you can simply speak with someone one to one. It’s a lonely business being an alcoholic or drug addict, equally, it’s distressing to witness a loved one’s demise at the hands of alcohol or drug dependency. Support, however, is very much at hand

It’s true that alcoholics and drug addicts can negotiate recovery under their own steam, but very few succeed. Most require advice, guidance and, critically, support, if they’re to succeed in a sustainable departure from the substance that they’ve depended on. That’s where ADP come in. If you’re reading this acknowledging that you, or someone you know, has a problem in the area of drink or drugs, regardless of how awkward that might feel, please seek the help that’s on offer. There are people who’d love to partner with you in your recovery, it could be the best decision of your life to reach out and accept the support that’s on offer.

Those contact details again –

Tel – 01224 558844

Email –

Website –

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