Mearns FM

By Alex Russon / December 12, 2020

Mearns FM is a community radio station, based in Stonehaven, tracing its roots back many years when it started life as Stonehaven Community Radio. The station’s longevity is a tribute to the commitment offered by the host of volunteers who believe strongly in localised media, a stance obviously shared by The Bellman, and both are looking forward to an exciting future!

Earlier this year, Mearns FM spread its tentacles further across Aberdeenshire when joining the world of digital radio (DAB). Previously, only listeners south of Aberdeen could access the show (via three FM transmitters) but digital status now enables folk as far north as Fraserburgh the same benefit. The station also enjoys a listenership across the globe given access is afforded online and this has given rise to a significant boost in listening figures. But Mearns FM is first and foremost a local community radio station, priding itself on such, covering local issues and featuring at local galas, festivals and community events. This year’s pandemic has curtailed the traveling roadshow for a season, but next year the station hopes to get its outside broadcasting equipment back on the road again.

Mearns FM has a great reputation for variety with all types of music and genres on offer. There are upwards of twenty presenters diligently preparing shows which are broadcast, predominantly, from the Ann Street studio. Some presenters benefit from home studio set ups but the majority fetch themselves into MFM Towers, situated right in the heart of the town.

In coming weeks we’ll feature a selection of shows to give you the opportunity to pick one that might be up your street. The author of this piece will endeavour not to trumpet his own twice-weekly show, modesty preventing him from bigging himself up at this stage, but there’s little doubt it will come!

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Peter Greig - December 13, 2020

Many thanks for Alex giving Mearns FM some well deserved coverage in the Bellman.
Just have to give a wee correction re NECR.
Mearns FM started as Stonehaven Community Radio and not as NECR which was a Radio Station which covered a different area.
As we have gone digital this year we now cover the area pretty much over the North East of Scotland.

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