Stonehaven’s church community

By Alex Russon / January 3, 2021

There’s no denying last year was a very difficult one and as we enter a new year with Covid still in our midst, it’s hard to make plans. We like to set objectives for the year ahead but it feels futile this time around, that’s if we’re looking to do so with any degree of confidence. What we can do though is aim to demonstrate love and compassion to each other, to look out for one another regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Or perhaps because of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The prophet David was on the run from a guy called Saul in the Old Testament, scared out of his wits, even feigning madness to save his own skin. He ended up escaping to a cave, alone, where he felt desolate and desperate. However, other outcasts soon gathered in his company, seeking the leadership they knew he was capable of, embracing him as their leader, so any plans he had for private solitude were soon torpedoed by the will of God. David had plans, God had others.

Similarly, we too have issues coming from leftfield into our lives, unwanted and unwarranted, leaving us feeling bewildered by our lot and uncertain of the future. Take Covid-19 as a prime example. We might look around us and find only weary stragglers and common enemies for company, it might feel that all hope is lost, but there is always hope and David’s subsequent experience proved that God’s plans rather than ours are the best ones to follow. David put his faith in God, handing his life to him and allowing himself to be guided by him. That’s something we might like to consider every morning, rather than ploughing on with our misguided objectives we can lift our eyes to heaven and ask God to reveal his perfect will. Did you know he cares for you and loves you? He knows everything about you, even the number of hairs on your head.

If we’re in distress, discontented and finding life difficult, we need somewhere to go for refuge and strength. God offers that solace in the shape of Stonehaven Baptist Church and each of the other churches in our town, all of whom represent hope. They’re places with people only too willing to aid those in need, might that be you? Churches aren’t buildings but collections of people who’ve asked God to lead them and who long to serve him by serving others. If you’re facing uphill struggles, Stonehaven’s churches offer a sanctuary and a family of willing helpers. Each of us has limped through life at certain times, hobbling along or rolling with the punches, but there’s genuine hope for all of us. If you’re bitter over hurtful relationships, find yourself in financial dire straits or struggling to put one foot in front of another due to crippling mental anguish, to each of you we say God has a joyful future planned and we offer ourselves in helping you to embrace it.

When you call on the people at a local church, you bless them every bit as much as you benefit yourself. It’s an honor to get alongside those who need assistance, compassion and companionship, something we all need at times in our life and you’d be blessing the congregations within Stonehaven’s churches if you reached out to them. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’ the saying has it, a sentiment that Christians carry daily. The door is open to those of you who’d like to discover this grace too.