River Ice

close up of the intricate tracery of ice crystals with river water and pebble behind

By Andy Hall –

Melting ice offers a rich seam of artistic photographic possibilities. The Cowie and Carron rivers present many opportunities at this time of year when the temperature often drops to below zero and ice forms around plants and stones.

Ice in itself is photogenic but it is at its best when the temperature begins to rise after a period of intense cold and very low temperatures. The shapes that occur when the ice is melting are often  very sculptural. In this case, the ice on the Cowie River resembles a jewellery pendant.

Highly trained artists take a long time to develop designs as beautiful and intricate as this but Mother Nature manages it overnight. Once the melting process begins, there is a relatively small window of opportunity to capture its transient and temporary beauty but all is not lost. Similar but different designs will present themselves on another icy day.

Stonehaven photographers are lucky to have the Cowie and Carron rivers. Both provide a multitude of prospects for original images.

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