Mearns FM profile – Doug Paton

By Alex Russon / January 14, 2021

There aren’t many towns boasting radio stations, Stonehaven being somewhat unique in that regard, so here at the Bellman we’ve been profiling some of the presenters at our community station, Mearns FM. Today it’s the turn of stalwart, Doug Paton.

“I joined Mearns FM many moons ago when we were broadcasting from Stonehaven Town Hall. Raymond Christie and I hosted a show on Saturday mornings called ‘Coffee Time’, I’d also present a show late on Thursday nights. Most of my shows back then were during the winter months, due to work commitments I had in the summertime. Before joining Mearns FM I had no broadcasting experience but was accustomed to public speaking given my time at community council meetings, business associations and Aberdeenshire Town Partnership gatherings. 

My show is on Mondays between 10am and 1pm, it’s called ‘The Music and Memories Show’ and combines my passion for radio and local history. I have a substantial collection of books written in, and about, Kincardineshire and the Mearns. I also have access to a newspaper archive from which I unearth various interesting snippets that I read out in between songs.

I had a painting and decorating business in Stonehaven for forty years before my retirement. These days, my wife (Aileen) and I run Woodside of Glasslaw Guest House on the south side of Stonehaven. We constructed the building ourselves and have been welcoming guests from all over the world for many years.

My passion beyond radio is sport, I’ve played five-a-side football, squash and run several half and full marathons. My body refuses to permit such energetic activity these days so I’ve switched to regular golf, I’m a member at Stonehaven Golf Club. When I’m not presenting, golfing or hosting at our guest house, I write thrillers for a bit of fun and have a few published on Amazon Kindle, just look up ‘Stonehaven Undermined’, ‘Stonehaven for Hire’ and ‘Pure Evil’.

I’ve a certain affinity to The Bellman and often reference it as a source of local information on my show, along with Stonehaven’s Tolbooth and Gourdon’s Maggie Law museum. To my mind it’s vitally important that we don’t lose our local identity, particularly during these challenging times for the Mearns region.

Remember to tune in to Doug’s show at 10-1pm on Mondays, you’ll find the details at 

Ali Brown - January 14, 2021

My favourite radio show by my favourite presenter.?. That’s another pint you me Doug.?

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