SGC Results – Barnard Castles The Field

That’s the first weekend of competition completed at Stonehaven Golf Club as the new season kicks into action. The Ladies begin their season in earnest this week, meanwhile the Men’s and Junior sections fished out their pencils to complete scorecards good, poor, and indifferent this Saturday and Sunday past.

The first Innes Medal saw three winners from the three respective divisions and I hope the title of this missive doesn’t escape you, I was very pleased with myself when I came up with it. If it needs explanation I’ve failed, if it’s caused a chortle then at least I’ve done something worthwhile this week, my golf having turned to mush.

Congratulations then to Douglas Barnard, John Starrs (John stars in fine victory? Nah, I thought that one was too lame too so didn’t bother) and Joe Meanen. Well done also to Josh Killoh who ran out triumphant over Blair Cranston in the Junior Section.

And so to the results –

Div 1 – 1st Douglas Barnard 63, 2nd Matthew Cockerell 64, 3rd Michael Halliday 66

Div 2 – 1st John Starrs 59, 2nd Neil MacArthur 64, 3rd Frank Urquhart 64

Div 3 – 1st Joe Meanen 59, 2nd Steve Birss 63, 3rd AF Murray 64

Juniors – 1st Josh Killoh, 2nd Blair Cranstoun

Ally Smith - April 9, 2021

Naa dont get it …

How about Barnard get his Cockerell out?

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