Stonehaven Golf Club – results & stuff

Stonehaven’s golfers are accustomed to experiencing four climatic seasons in one day, but this weekend’s weather was beyond surreal (thanks to Ali Robertson for the attached photo). In the course of a three hour round of golf every type of weather presented itself with sun, snow, hail, wind and rain accompanying members as they shuffled across the fairways. That said, we’re a hardy bunch up there and tend to brush off such fripperies as the weather, we just get on with it.

The winners I’ll announce in a moment, but first a list of salient numbers with interesting facts attached (well the broadsheets do it so why not me?)

119 – the number of competitors taking part in this weekend’s Strokeplay event

25 – the number of no-returns (N/Rs) submitted. For the uninitiated, a golfing NR is akin to a horse pulling up at a fence, or a boxer’s corner throwing in the towel. It’s when a player effectively concedes defeat and, rather than facing the indignity of declaring an embarrassing score, hides behind an ‘NR’. Well that’s in the majority of cases, they might have suffered an injury or ran out of golf balls but in truth, an NR is usually the result of a hapless round of golf which has the culprit hanging his head in despair. I should know, I card them on a regular basis. The most entertaining NR are the ones where a playing partner’s good score is shot to pieces with three balls onto the railway track alongside the 17th, or when they muff a tap-in and wallop the ball off the green in a fit of peak rather than holing out. We’ve all been there.

20 – the number of players equalling or bettering par this week.

60 – the winning score.

75 – the finishing position of club captain Ian Wood, a man devoting himself to the responsibility of captaincy so seriously that he’s not spending any time practicing it would seem, not if a lamentable nett 73 is anything to go by. 

93 – the finishing position of one of last week’s divisional winners, suggesting that the celebratory champagne must have slipped down the gullet just fine these last few days!

So, to the results, congratulations to –

1st Charles Gordon (60), 2nd Colin Singer (60), 3rd Duncan Cursiter (63)

The Ladies divisional winners of this week’s Medal were FE Sim and Liz Molloy and congratulations Matthew Moir who won the 9 hole Junior Stableford competition with a very creditable 24 points. 

Have a fine week, if golf isn’t your sport then do find one that is, there’s plenty of sporting activities on offer here in Stonehaven.