Church this week @Stoney

By Alex Russon / April 18, 2021

Once again we were able to meet at Stonehaven Baptist Church this Sunday, all masked up and everything but at least we’re rubbing shoulders again instead of dialling into services online from our front rooms. With lockdown measures relaxing we pray for our town, and in particular for businesses and relationships to thrive once again.

This week we learned from one of the psalms, the 27th, and in particular what the essence of faith in God really is. What it isn’t is a fad or superstition, instead it’s a way of life where we’re asked to walk with God, to keep in step with him, joining him on a daily journey. It’s really about a relationship with him, not a one time commitment or singular event. 

‘ Seeking God’ can seem an abstract phrase, what does it mean? Life is surely not a cosmic game of hide and seek in which God endeavours to avoid our attempts to find him. No, to seek God is to pursue an ongoing relationship with him, to abide in him and for him to abide in us. And that’s all God wants from us; a relationship, the type we might have with our nearest and dearest, yet closer. He is our creator, he wants our hearts in their entirety and not in part. God isn’t a concept, he’s very real, and while we cannot see him we can identify him through his works, his blessings and his word (the bible) which extols his virtues and, most tellingly, declares his love for us. The bible is God’s love letter to his people, describing and demonstrating his love for us through the sacrifice of his son Jesus, an act of love that cannot be surpassed. 

We all face trials and tribulations, some of them seeming to be beyond our resolve or comprehension. These troubles that we grapple with aren’t exclusive to us, they’re suffered by every single person who ever walked the earth, none of us is immune from the stuff of life and the onset of strife in different forms. But with God’s mercy we come through it, God sheltering us so nothing overwhelms us regardless of the apparent circumstances we find ourselves in. His peace is at hand, his loving grace and favour, all we need do is supplicate ourselves to him and be open to the care and attention he yearns to give us.

If that sounds like rhetoric it’s probably for the best because no humanly constructed set of words can adequately convey the love God has for you or the life affirming experience a relationship with him can bring. It’s a love indescribable. I expect that no words could satisfactorily convey the love you have in your heart for your nearest and dearest, but ponder this; that love is as nothing compared to the love God has for you, an unconditional love that remains ours if only we’ll place ourselves in a position to receive it. 

It’s a crying shame when we bypass God through pride or misplaced fear. If we were instead to open our hitherto empty hearts, choosing to receive him not reject him, we would soon discover the immeasurable love he has for each of us and marvel as this love spills over from our lives into the lives of those around us. God loves you, plain and simple, believe it and watch your life be transformed!