Stonehaven Golf Club – weekend results

It was another beautiful weekend for golf at Stonehaven, Saturday in particular offering splendid conditions for Cowie Cup competitors. The season is cranking into gear and this was the first qualifier for the annual Wille Watt trophy, plenty then to play for.

The competition was won this week by Roger Smith, a fellow I played with a fortnight ago at a time when no cow’s bottom seemed big enough with which his banjo could connect. In a hapless putting display, the hole remained entirely untroubled unless his ball lay within six inches of it. Hats off then Roger for a sterling effort this weekend, a gross 71 playing off a handicap of 10, a splendid feat to come out on top of 153 entrants. That’s golf for you, stick in, stick at it and your fortunes will turn. I look forward to a golfing lesson forthwith Mr Smith, you’ve come a long way since 2020’s weekly walk of shame from the 9th green to the clubhouse.

Despite the weather, only a quarter of the competitors managed to equal or break par, leaving one to ruminate over the excuses the 109 culprits may have had for failing to justify their handicaps. The weather couldn’t be blamed so I expect their respective excuses fell into one of three categories; 1) the season’s just started and I’m still a bit rusty, 2) I played okay but was unlucky, the course giving me nothing and 3) I’m just plain awful. My Saturday arrangements didn’t allow me the pleasure of a round of golf but if I were to have played, I don’t doubt I’d have been subscribing to the latter category.

There were 25 no-returns (N/Rs). Every N/R has a story behind it and I’d love to know the circumstances of even just a handful. If you owned one of them please write in and give us the gory details. It’s kind of macabre but I get a perverse pleasure learning, for example, that someone stood level par on the 17th tee only to carve three balls onto the railway track and storm off the course, their scorecard torn into a thousand pieces. Unless of course it happens to me.


1st – Roger Smith (61)

2nd – George Deans (62)

3rd – Charles Gordon (62)

Next Saturday we have another strokeplay event, the second round of the Cowie Cup (a JM Low Qualifier).

Enjoy your week, enjoy your golf.