Stonehaven Baptist Church

Have you noticed how your mood can change without warning? When the sands beneath your feet seem to shift and the solid foundations you thought you were standing upon suddenly become unstable? Moments like this strike all of us at times in our lives; the passing of a loved one out of the blue, a redundancy suffered at work, the onset of a sudden ailment. We can be sailing serenely along, all seeming to be right with our world, then wallop, the world crumbles around us. These unsettling episodes can occur in relatively mundane ways too; the babysitter fails to turn up when you’re meant to be going out for the first time in months, the grocery delivery arrives but essential ingredients are missing, the car refuses to start as you head for an important meeting.

God is interested in every aspect of our lives, the little and the large, the seemingly critical and the comparatively mundane. He’s not only with us but for us, carrying us through when we feel we’re ready to cave in, sharing our joy when his blessings materialise. But he can only be active in our lives if we’re in union with him, if we have a living relationship with him not a distant or none existent acknowledgment of who he truly is. When dark nights of the soul come and find us questioning everything, when life seems to be overwhelming us, when things don’t seem to be working the way we want them to be working, we find ourselves in crisis. At times like this we feel very alone and wonder if God has turned his face away from us, that he wants nothing more to do with us, that he’s abandoned us. But he hasn’t, his face will shine upon us again, all we need do is cry out to him, pour out our hearts, begin or recommence a relationship with him and his light will flood into our lives, or hearts and souls. 

People let us down, betray us and desert us. The very folk we thought we could trust with our lives can surprise us with their rejection and disloyalty. God though never turns away from us, he is for us in all and every circumstance. There are times when we’d rather he did turn away, when we carry out acts we know fine well he wouldn’t approve of, when we say things that tear down friendships instead of building them up. There are times too when we’re only too pleased to know God’s watching over us; when we beg him for healing, when we plead with him for the repair of a relationship or a particular outcome over a specific event. Either way, whether we like it or not and believe it or not, God is ever present in our lives and simply yearns for us to be in consistent relationship with him. 

God doesn’t need us really, we need him. He created us, he created the world and he wants for nothing, but he does ask that we acknowledge and love him. He is there to carry us through difficult circumstances and to share his blessings with us during happier times and while we might waver and doubt, he never does. He is, he was and he will continue to be. If we can use the gift of free will that he gave us and choose to share our lives with him, to dedicate ourselves to him, there’s a wonderful future to look forward to in unison with him, and with a life affirming peace in our heart.