Stonehaven Golf Club – Saturday’s comp results are in…

Costa Del Stoney offered up another helping of beautiful weather for SGC members to bask in this weekend. Perpetual sunshine isn’t something to which we’re necessarily accustomed, so when the sky’s blue we lap it up.

This weekend’s Medal also contributed as a qualifying score towards the final round of the aggregated Cowie Cup trophy and was a qualifier for the JM Low competition, plenty was therefore riding on it. 155 competitors took part with 29 equalling or bettering par and 23 notching the dreaded NR (no-return). 

The competition results are provided below, but before that I’d like to offer a quiet word of advice to club captain Ian Wood. I’ll try to be as diplomatic as possible but believe me it’s difficult.

Last week Sam Locke, Stonehaven Golf Club member and young professional golfer of great renown, won the Barassie Links Classic with two rounds of 65 against a field of fellow professionals which included former Open Championship winner Paul Lawrie. Captain Wood duly splashed Sam’s name all over social media to say how proud the club was of him, and rightly so. 

The very same week however, I win SGC’S Wednesday Medal and find myself in receipt of neither a guard of honour, red carpet, reserved car parking space for life (with embossed signage) nor honorary life membership. As for being plastered all over social media, forget that, I didn’t get so much as a mention. My advice to Captain Wood therefore is to cease your flagrant favouritism, remember which side your bread is buttered and treat your clubs members with the respect they deserve. Most clubs have a blackballing procedure which even the captain himself is not immune from, so think on. 

Medal Result

1st Colin Polson (60)

2nd Mark Innes (61)

3rd Neil MacArthur (61)

The Cowie Cup competition saw a four player tie after the two rounds, they’ll now be competing on Thursday in a playoff. Good luck to Neil MacArthur, Douglas Barnard, George Deans and Roger Smith.