Dunnottar Woods Bluebells

A carpet of bluebells catch the woodland light

Through the Lens by Andy Hall –

Now that we are in May, my photographic thoughts turn to the bluebells that will appear in Dunnottar Woods at the end of the month. It is a special time of year.

In this example, the key feature is the vivid colour of the carpet of bluebells. It is important, therefore, to give over most of the frame to the impact of the soft, intense colour.

It is equally crucial to give part of the frame to the context of the woods. The dappled light of the sun filtering through the canopy of the trees adds to the atmosphere. For this to be achieved, the best conditions are at midday in full sunshine.

Compositionally, the trunks need to be carefully positioned to provide balance to the image. The dominant trunks, one lit, one unlit, are placed at either side to allow the viewer’s eye to explore the darkened interior of the woods.

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