Stonehaven Baptist Church this week

By Alex Russon / May 23, 2021

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing so the saying goes, offering an opportunity to reassess former decisions as we hark back to the past. Would we take the same path if faced with that fork in the road again? Or would hindsight have us choose a different direction? This was something we considered during our time together at Stonehaven Baptist Church this week where we’ve been enjoying a face to face return (okay, mask to mask) for some time now. You’d be made most welcome if you’d like to join us, see for information.

There’s no doubt that those who believe in God regularly turn to him for comfort, perhaps seeking solace over a poor decision which continues to torment or maybe to seek continued strength as a painful situation plays itself out. Either way, God loves to comfort us. If we hold fast to God we will certainly find him holding fast to us. We none of us want to suffer yet life does bring suffering, we all balk at pain but must accept that painful times will come. It’s a blessing then to know we’re not alone in these trials and have a loving God to sustain us.

There are times when we don’t necessarily feel comforted by God though, we know he’s there but that in itself isn’t comforting. Despite acknowledging God’s presence we may still resent him for allowing a difficult situation to worsen, asking him how he could permit certain outcomes if he were a loving God. There are times too when situations can seem too big, beyond our endurance, yet endure them we do if we give them to God and have him guide us along righteous paths. Often we’ll find he carries rather than guides us, lifting burdens from our shoulders, taking them upon himself instead to gives us peace.

If you’re facing a time of unbearable pain and turmoil, if you’re despairing of life itself, please know that many have walked this same path. You’re not alone. If you feel you can’t cope with what life’s throwing at you, know that even the greatest apostle Paul suffered such despair, shaking his fist at God when frustration overwhelmed him. But throughout Paul’s life he found that God didn’t leave or forsake him, and neither will he forsake you. Whatever your attitude to him prior to today, however bewildering your situation may seem, know that God remains there for you at all times. It’s never too late to turn to him. Tough seasons in our lives can leave us bereft, long winters of the soul may threaten to destroy us, but always comes the Spring, God will see to that.

True strength lies within your heart and soul, and that’s a sacred place that God has the power to penetrate. God really is a tower of strength if you’ll allow him to be. If you’re suffering, praise God for carrying you through these bad times, albeit kicking and screaming, and know that he will deliver you from it. The ultimate victory is always his. You might not thank him for allowing whatever it is which hurts you right now, you may indeed resent and deride him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he loves you and is for you. In all circumstances then  talk to him, seek him and trust in him, however discomforted you feel, and know that he is truly the one who can give you comfort and set you on a glorious path.