Stonehaven Golf Club weekly round up

SOME 128 competitors enjoyed beautiful conditions at this weekend’s Innes Medal, the sun streaming and breeze barely murmuring. We’re fortunate to be members at Stoney, the views are perpetually magnificent but particularly on scorching blue skied days like this. While the conditions were benign, you still need to get your bat on ball if you’re to make a score, it isn’t gonna make its own way to the hole. Hats off then to the 27 players who broke par. 

Chief among men in Div I was Michael Wood with a splendid nett 61, edging out Chris Taylor with a marginally better back nine. Woody has been talking a good game for some time now and it’s pleasing to find him at last converting theory into practice. Congratulations Michael and thankyou too for the gift of your motorised trolley (though  I’m in need of a driving lesson having spectacularly capsized the blinkin’ thing on the bank of the 3rd green, to the delight of my playing partners).

Division II was equally hard fought with Ian Shearer proving victorious, a nett 60 sneaking him past Brian Andrew by a single stroke. Div III was something of a procession, Robert Hemphill spread eagling the field with a remarkable nett 55, a return which will surely have his handicap slashed quicker than the price of tinsel in the Boxing Day sales. It was a terrific scoring day but an eleven under par total is quite something, well done that man. Spare a thought for runner up Ramsay Bell who must have thought he was quids in with a 58 only to find that eight under par wasn’t sufficient.

The Wednesday Medal was played in haar ridden conditions. It’s frustrating when the town of Stonehaven is to be found basking in sunshine while we’re belting five irons into the unknown up at the golf club. Nevertheless, scoring was good, proving it’s a member’s course for sure. Most of us would know our way around there even if wearing blinkers in the dead of night I reckon. 

The Ladies Medal found Catherine Duncan and Jacque Blackburn top of their respective divisions and next Sunday we look forward to a mixed competition with men and women combining in an effort to win the Ruby Stephens Trophy. Ruby is a former ladies captain and the event is held in her honour.

The Juniors Stableford was won by Thomas Dingwall in a very closely contested competition. With the school term nearing its end, junior members are licking their lips at the prospect of six weeks’ wall to wall golf. Oh to be young again eh? It’s a tonic seeing so many young members at the club, they’re tomorrow’s champions and we’re delighted to have them.


Innes Medal Div I

  1. Michael Wood 61
  2. Chris Taylor 61
  3. Neil Irvine 63

Innes Medal Div II

  1. Ian Shearer 60
  2. Brian Andrew 61
  3. Kevin Duguid 62

Innes Medal Div III

  1. Robert Hemphill 55
  2. Ramsay Bell 58
  3. Brian Hardstaff 61

Wednesday Medal Div I

  1. Sam Wright 62
  2. Michael Halliday 63
  3. Neil Robertson 64

Wednesday Medal Div II

  1. Malcolm Ritchie 60
  2. Colin Polson 61
  3. Brian Andrew 64

Wednesday Medal Div III

  1. Mark Gowans 63
  2. Bob McAlpine 63
  3. George Forrester 64

Ladies Medal Div I

  1. Catherine Duncan 60
  2. Fiona Lamont 66
  3. Jan Bradford 67

Ladies Medal Div II

  1. Jacque Blackburn 65
  2. Teresa McKenzie 67
  3. Doreen Seery 69

Junior Stableford

  1. Thomas Dingwall 36
  2. Josh Killoh 35
  3. Matthew Moir 34