Stonehaven Golf Club – haar havoc

The concept of haar may be something the residents of southern Britain are oblivious to, but members of Stonehaven Golf Club are only too well aware of this pesky freak of nature. Last Saturday the all too familiar carpet of doom once again shuffled its way in from the North Sea to envelop the course, defiantly remaining until Sunday evening. The course was therefore closed all weekend with early bird golfers sent packing back to their bacon sandwiches, breakfast telly and a couple of hours more kip. 

It was a pitiable sight indeed, on Saturday morning, to see a clutch of enthusiast golfers chomping at the bit underneath the clubhouse, beseeching the fog to clear so they could enjoy 18 holes. I was one of them, the level of excited expectation gradually giving way to an abject acceptance that no amount of wishful thinking was going to lift this blanket of cloud. The game was a bogey, you can’t play golf in fog, not if you value your safety. We’ll try again next weekend.

The previous day the sun shone brightly upon four SGC members as they embarked on a marathon golf event to raise money for the MacMillan Cancer Charity. Over £2,000 was raised by Steven J Innes, Allan Blacklaws, Graeme Foubister & Ross Foubister (pictured below) who were sponsored to play seventy two holes at Stonehaven Golf Club in one day. It’s not the flattest of courses so respective calf muscles took a proper pounding, however the participants emerged from their labours in tact and can be very proud of their day’s ‘work’. The club is certainly proud of them, it’s a community club with a community culture and efforts like this are much appreciated. 

Despite the weekend fog, there was plenty of competitive golf played through the week. The Wednesday Stableford was won by Stanley Mitchell, pipping Craig McKechnie by a solitary point, and Roland Samuel emerged the victor of the Bob Leiper Trophy with 39 points. In the Ladies Section, the Medal competition was separated into two divisions with Wilma Lawrence winning the first division (65) and Morag Duncan the second (62). 

The Junior Section primarily play their competitions at the weekend so with the fog ruling out play for the entire two days, they were unable to compete. Don’t feel too sorry for them though, five whole weeks of summer holidays remain for our youngsters to stride the fairways, perfecting their art, something the rest of us can only dream of! 


Wednesday Stableford

  1. Stanley Mitchell 40 pts
  2. Craig McKechnie 39 pts
  3. John Starrs 38 pts

Bob Leiper Trophy

  1. Roland Samuel 39 pts
  2. Steven McGhie 39 pts
  3. John Findlay 38 pts

Ladies Medal

Division 1

  1. Wilma Lawrence 65 
  2. Jan Bradford 67
  3. Jane Louise Kennedy 67

Division 2

  1. Morag Duncan 62
  2. Muriel Samuel 63
  3. Pam Droy 64

Ladies Par Competition 

  1. Ailsa McMenemy 6
  2. Liz Molloy 4
  3. Muriel Samuel 4