Stonehaven Baptist Church this week…

By Alex Russon / July 18, 2021

Those living in Stoney’s auld toon had their long lies interrupted by a shrill fire alarm on Sunday, the Old Courthouse to blame, venue for Stonehaven Baptist Church services. It was time for our annual fire drill,apologies if it spoiled your sleep or cereal!

The service was lead by pastor Lewis Campbell, again sharing God’s word through the exposition of a section of the bible, this time Paul’s second letter to the church of Corinth. This weekly sermon, focussing on a passage of scripture, enables us to learn of God’s will for our lives and you’d be very welcome to join us. We kick-off at 11am, otherwise thank you for reading this article, our weekly attempt to share the word we receive on a Sunday. 

We live in ‘earthly tents’ which God constructed, he created us and gave us bodies within which to reside. Yet we are more than our earthly tents, much more, and in some regards our bodies can be considered merely as vehicles for our spirit to live in, and through. They’re temporary, life’s eternal. Our bodies our will wear out one day, the earthly tent will fold, but our lives will not end since the spirit within us goes on.

Within this tent we groan, longing to enjoy a life of peace, security and joy but struggling to attain them. God wants these things for us too but our choices and actions often get in the way. We’re wayward people selecting the wrong path rather than harmonising with God’s will for our lives. Fleetingly we enjoy peace and happiness but it’s never long before dissatisfaction returns, and with it our groaning.

Yet our lives on earth are but a blink of the eye in terms of eternity, a drop in the ocean of time.  The spirit of God dwells within us when we choose him, but is merely a deposit upon the real prize to come, the guarantee of an eternity in heaven where there’s no sadness or pain. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians encouraged the people of that time to be confident about their future while being courageous in their endurance of present day challenges. This is the same encouragement God has for you too in the here and now. If you’re struggling with the issues of life and are looking without hope at your future, be of good heart and courage because hand in hand with God you can enjoy a time of joyful fulfilment while here in this world and then a beautiful, trouble free eternity of joy with God in heaven. That’s why Jesus died on a cross, so those who believe in him can be reunited with the father and presented as spotless and sinless before him. He looks not upon your sin strewn life but upon Jesus, you are perfect therefore in his eyes.

When you look at your life do you ask ‘is this it?’. That you’ll see out your three score years and ten then cease? Well no, this isn’t ‘it’. Take heart that there’s a glorious future when you give your life and soul to God.