Stonehaven Baptist Church this week

By Alex Russon / July 26, 2021

What do you live for, or who do you live for? When all said and done, what inspires you and what drives you on when you feel like throwing in the towel?

Paul, a disciple of Jesus back in the day and writer of several letters that appear in the bible, knew fine well who he lived for. He had a solitary purpose, to serve the God who created him by sharing the love God has for all of his creation, and that includes you and me. He did this in various ways; through spoken word, through his actions and famously his writings. He loved God but he also righteously feared him, fear not in terms of panic stricken worry but in terms of honour, respect and reverent acknowledgement. He stood in awe of him, and submitted to God’s might and ultimate will. 

Are we too proud to submit to anyone? Perhaps we are. Maybe we believe ourselves to be too smart and powerful, too clever and cute to place believe in someone sufficiently to place our futures in their hands. We might feel that we know best, that we don’t need to turn to anyone else for wisdom or discernment, we’ll take it from here thank you very much.

And how far does this approach get us? Well, not far if we’re measuring success in terms of peace and good conscience. If we’re seeking though a life that’s judged by financial wealth or widespread adulation, we can be a great ‘success’ without God, the world’s full of folk who boast sizeable bank balances and global fame. If, however, we don’t want to count our money and social media followers as to,end of success, there’s a life out there which is much more fulfilling, one that isn’t such a stretch or desperate climb, one that isn’t judged on outward appearance. It comes from within.

Our hearts, our inward appearance, that’s what God looks at and he fills it with love and compassion for others when we open it up to him. There’s an inner peace and eternal home for those who give their hearts to God, inviting him to work through them for the glory of his name. 

You’ll hear said of Christian people that they’ve ‘ given their lives to God’, and it’s true, they have. They turned to God and asked him to take their hearts, their souls and their lives, and he answered. He dwells within all those who turn to him in faith and gives us a love and peace that’s beyond measure. We haven’t earned it, we never could, it’s a gift given to us through our heartfelt faith in Jesus, God’s son, who died as an atonement for the lifestyles that we lead.

Giving yourself to God isn’t a hocus pocus step of blind faith, neither is it the result of a twelve month training course or a hand written examination. It isn’t a qualification to be earned, it’s as simple as an arrow prayer out of the blue while shuffling along Stonehaven’s boardwalk. If you turn to him and ask him into your life, just wait and see what happens. It’s rarely a wham beam eureka moment with God sending a thunder bolt from the sky, usually it’s a gradual process, a comforting one as God responds to your faith, placing people and situations into your life. It’s a new life, a new beginning every day.