Flood Strategy Local Consultation

By Jane Cruickshank / August 22, 2021

A draft local flood risk management strategy and action plan for the North East local plan district is now undergoing public consultation.

Following a process hampered by both the Covid pandemic and a cyber attack, SEPA produced a national flood management strategy and set of priorities for Scotland – which is then broken down into 14 districts.

Aberdeenshire Council is the lead authority on the flood risk action plan for the North East.

A statutary consulation on the North East Flood Risk Management Plan has been extended until the end of October. This plan includes a list of actions for Stonehaven which is identified at being at risk from both sea over-topping and surface water flooding.

On Thursday, the Infrastructure Services Committee discussed the arrangements for the plan.

Committee chairman Peter Argyle said: ”The public engagement side of this is really important. We must encourage people to engage in the process and particularly to encourage community councils to take part.”

Mr Argyle added he hoped there would be time for consultation with the area committees.

”If area committees have a chance to look at it, then that means every member has had a chance to look at it and have their comments taken on board – and I think that is important,” he said.

The discussions on this item on the agenda start at 53 mins.