Stonehaven Golf

Simon Mitchell celebrates his hole-in-one with the obligatory ‘man holding golf ball while standing alongside a flag’ photograph. 

Our pleasingly balmy summer continues apace, stretching into September and allowing Stonehaven Golf Club’s members the pleasure of benign conditions in which to enjoy their golf. Knockout tournaments are nearing their culmination with grand finals day beckoning and weekly stroke play events remain ongoing, there’s plenty then still to play for.

This month’s Innes Medal was again played in blazing sunshine and won, aptly, by David Summers who nudged out Sam Geddes with a better back nine after they both carded nett 61’s. Division 3 found John Findlay top of the pile with an excellent 59 but all eyes were on Division 2’s winner Simon Mitchell who accomplished a fine treble. First, his net 60 won him the competition, second he muscled a down wind 3wood into the cup from 160 yards on the 7th for a hole-in-one, and third, he trousered £138 in prize money for his aforementioned feat. Clubhouse gossip suggests Mitchell will be using his windfall to purchase a set of dumbbells with which to train daily, perhaps then he might start reaching the first green in two.

The midweek Stableford was won by Sam Geddes, Saturday’s Innes Medal runner-up, a splendid week’s golf from Sam to keep the club’s Handicap Secretary busy. The Senior Medal found Steven McGhie atop the first division with John McMenemy decimating the field in Division 2, Gary Robertson the comfortable victor in Division 3.

The Ladies Medal Final was held on Sunday, again in splendid sunshine although breezy conditions made good scoring tricky. Congratulations to Jane Kennedy for winning the first division by two shots and to Janet Owen for winning the second with a convincing five stroke margin. The Ladies’ summer season reaches its climax at the end of September but not before a further half dozen or so competitions are contested ahead of the winter season’s commencement in October.


Innes Medal

Division 1

  1. David Summers 61 (11)
  2. Sam Geddes 61 (7)
  3. Gavin Lawson 63 (9)

Division 2

  1. Simon Mitchell 60 (12)
  2. Craig McKechnie 62 (16)
  3. Gregor Knowles 62 (16)

Division 3

  1. John Findlay 59 (18)
  2. William Donald 62 (20)
  3. Steve Crawford 62 (19)

Wednesday Stableford 

  1. Sam Geddes 40
  2. Kenneth Howie 38
  3. Tom Gilchrist 37

Senior Medal 

Division 1

  1. Steven McGhie 70 (6)
  2. Harry Roulston 71 (6)
  3. Neil Irvine 75 (2)

Division 2

  1. John McMenemy 62 (14)
  2. Ian Smith 71 (12)
  3. Ron Gilmour 72 (12)

Division 3

  1. Gary Robertson 64 (32)
  2. John Stephen 68 (19)
  3. Alex Geddes 71 (20)

Ladies Medal Final

Silver (Div 1) 

Jane Kennedy (18) 67

Jan Bradford (17) 69

Fiona Currie (13) 70

Bronze (Div 2)

Janet Owen (26) 63

Jenny Needham (27) 68

Evelyn Gilmour (23) 71

Ladies Mixed Tees

  1. Lynne Carnie 70 (34)
  2. Fiona Lamont 70 (8)
  3. Pauline Parker 71 (30)