Stonehaven Golf Club this week

*Photo courtesy of Craig McKechnie 

The wet weather played havoc with Stonehaven Golf Club’s Winter League this weekend. Competitors braved Saturday’s damp conditions but not all were able to complete their rounds, the klaxon signalling a premature end to several players’ enjoyment. Depending on which three hour window you set out to play your eighteen holes in, you either made it around in time or were forced to trudge into the clubhouse from all angles.

The klaxon is sounded when the course is deemed unplayable, a big hooter droning from the clubhouse to inform golfers that their game must end forthwith. It’s a fascinating test of character in many respects in terms of the reaction it elicits. For some it can be a welcome relief, the perfect excuse to rip up the scorecard and head home to toast one’s toes at the fireside instead. You could be stinking the course out with a reprehensible performance yet be saved by the bell, or more accurately a guttural honk from the clubhouse. Equally however, you could be bringing the course to its knees with just a couple of holes left only to be scuppered by the sound of a veritable death knell. And then what do you do? Complete your round feigning a bout of deafness or take your medicine and walk in? It’s a difficult choice. It’s quite easy to pretend you heard nothing when haar stops play, nobody can see you. It’s a different matter however when visibility is perfect and fellow golfers are pointing at you and catcalling while streaming to the clubhouse like cows to a trough. 

Nevertheless, sufficient numbers of competitors completed their business over the weekend for scores to stand. Messrs Macfarlane and Paul triumphed on countback in the Nett Doubles and the McGillivary/Dempster combo did likewise in the Scratch. Alex Keith once again found himself a leading light in the Singles competition, also winning on countback, and Jackie Hunt romped away with the Ladies Stableford, the remainder of the field trailing in her wake. 

Christmas falls upon a weekend this year so the Winter League will be delayed next week until the 27th/28th. Players are likely to weigh in a good stone heavier by then. It’s a good job they’re golfers not jockeys or the sound of horses’ backs breaking would drown out the lustiest of klaxons.

Winter League Doubles (Nett)

  1. J Macfarlane/ S Paul 61
  2. K Duncan / I Wood 61
  3. G Lamont / F Lamont 63

Winter League Doubles (Scratch)

  1. B McGillivary / S Dempster 63
  2. C Irvine/ F Stark 63
  3. H Roulston/ N Irvine 65

Winter League Singles (Stableford)

  1. Alex Keith 40 pts
  2. Scott Reid 40 pts
  3. Raymond Shearer 39 pts

Seniors 14 Stableford Sweep 

Div 1. Colin Arthur 32 pts

Div 2. Robert Hemphill 31 pts

Div 3. Jim Adam 32 pts

Ladies Winter Weekend League (Stableford)

  1. Jackie Hunt 37 pts
  2. Wilma Lawrence 32 pts
  3. Catherine Duncan 31 pts