Legs for Africa (L4A)

On Sunday, 22nd January, 2022, another consignment of parts salvaged from used prosthetic limbs was collected from Stonehaven Men’s Shed for shipment to Africa.    These prosthetic limbs would normally be sent to landfill.    However, now they are collected from hospitals all over Scotland from Dumfries to Inverness by the Rotary Club of Stonehaven and delivered to Stonehaven Men’s Shed where they are dismantled by Shedders to separate out their more valuable and re-usable parts.    The saved parts are held and consolidated ready for collection by L4A.

L4A collect latest consignment from Stonehaven Men’s Shed with two of the team (Willie & Gordon) on hand to assist the load up

The consignments are then collected by the Bristol based charity, Legs4Africa, and delivered to Senegal, the Gambia, Tanzania and other sub-Saharan countries for re-assembly, by trained locals, to fit children or adults who need them to fulfil their lives.

This latest consignment is the result of two years collaboration between Stonehaven Men’s Shed, Stonehaven Rotary and Scottish Hospitals.   It contains over 400 parts consisting of knee and ankle joints and the connectors between them, knee/thigh attachment cups and feet in a range of sizes.

The Shedders involved have achieved great satisfaction in the challenge of taking these prosthetic limbs apart and have managed to get it down to a fine art.

Since 2014, parts to enable the rebuilding of over 10,000 prostheses in Africa have been shipped by Legs4Africa and the two Stonehaven groups are proud of their part in this.