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The Train Now Arriving……..

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / June 13, 2022

Stonehaven Men’s Shed was pleased to be asked by Stonehaven Horizon Group if they could assist in the replacement of the “choo-choo” planter on the Northbound platform at the railway station, the current planter had seen better days and was slowly coming apart. The guys were keen and happy to help and the job was […]


The “Hive’s” Shed

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / April 27, 2022

It’s a busy week down at the Shed with multiple activities taking place in the workshops and hobby rooms. As the Covid restrictions are relaxed and attendance at the Shed is picking up so the increased “rush-rush hurry-hurry work-work bang-bang” sound effects throughout the Shed are testament to the efforts being made to catch up […]


Stonehaven Men’s Shed Annual Tool Sale

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / April 6, 2022

At the Stonehaven Farmers’ & Produce Market last Saturday (2 April 2022) the Stonehaven Men’s Shed held their “annual” tool sale. Annual is perhaps not quite the right description as no sales have been held in the last two years due to various health and other restrictions. The Shed is fortunate enough to be well […]


Mill O’Forest Polytunnel

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / February 7, 2022

Mill O’Forest Primary School in Stonehaven has been active in encouraging their pupils to get involved in Environmental Projects. They decided that having a polytunnel would help to promote this and managed to raise the funds for the procurement and installation of an 8m by 4m domed polytunnel to be sited in the grassy area […]


Adapt and improvise

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / February 6, 2022

The first Stonehaven Farmers’ & Produce Market of the year was held on Saturday 5th February 2022 in Margaret Street, adjacent to the Market Square. When the weather forecast was checked on the Friday evening it was most certainly not nice – strong winds gusting in excess of 40mph were expected. We had a bit […]


The Queen’s Green Canopy

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / February 1, 2022

You may recall the Jubilee Tree Planting story in The Bellman of 1 December 2021. Subsequent to the planting of the silver birch to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Horizon, in the guise of John Cruikshank had been given a plaque by the Lord-Lieutenancy of Kincardineshire to be used to mark the event. John also […]


Legs for Africa (L4A)

By Stonehaven Mens Shed / January 24, 2022

On Sunday, 22nd January, 2022, another consignment of parts salvaged from used prosthetic limbs was collected from Stonehaven Men’s Shed for shipment to Africa.    These prosthetic limbs would normally be sent to landfill.    However, now they are collected from hospitals all over Scotland from Dumfries to Inverness by the Rotary Club of Stonehaven and delivered […]


Harbour memories

By bellmannews / November 29, 2020

By The Mearns Rover I am sure all residents of, and visitors to, Stonehaven develop a strong relationship with the town’s main landmark – the harbour. Stoney harbour is the largest of all the recreational harbours in Aberdeenshire; its three basins cover more than 18,000 square metres, and there’s plenty of room for more than […]


Feet of Clay

By bellmannews / August 1, 2020

By Marka Rifat – Some have been “digging for victory” for more than 80 years, and many of us have been spurred on sharply by Covid-19. I knew some original victory diggers, who had turned their gardening skills and their neat lawns over to growing fruit and vegetables, all to bolster self-sufficiency and support their […]