Stonehaven Men’s Shed Annual Tool Sale

Setting Up

At the Stonehaven Farmers’ & Produce Market last Saturday (2 April 2022) the Stonehaven Men’s Shed held their “annual” tool sale. Annual is perhaps not quite the right description as no sales have been held in the last two years due to various health and other restrictions.

The Shed is fortunate enough to be well supported by the town and surrounding area and had amassed quite a haul of surplus tooling. It was decided by the Trustees that space had to be made available in the Shed and what better way than selling off surplus/duplicate tools to bring in much needed revenue. When tools are donated the Shed is always at pains to point out that if the donated tool is a duplicate or cannot be used then the Shed, will, at some point, sell or otherwise dispose of the donated item.

Final touches being added to the Men’s Shed sale point

The sales team got together and prepared a selection of tools along with bird boxes and Easter bunnies/chicks to sell at the market. A lot of preparation had gone in to ensuring items on sale were presentable along with portable appliance testing (PAT) being carried out on electrical items. The footfall at the market was steady and as Mike McInally said, “The birdboxes fairly flew off the shelves!” along with a host of tooling. At the final sum up the Shed is pleased to report that sales were achieved, on the day, in excess of £500 – a welcome boost to Shed funds.

As the Market is time restricted there was insufficient time to clear the shelves, as it were. So, there are a few items left to be sold/disposed and the photos below give an indication of what remains and is available for sale for a reasonable donation to the Shed. These items will be held until weekend of 16/17 April to enable buyers to visit the Shed for purchasing purposes.

Electrical hand tools etc
And the rest, handtools etc

The Shed is open on weekdays 0900-1200, closed weekends and prospective buyers are encouraged to come along and speak with the Duty Shed Supervisor regarding tools for sale.

Thanks very much Stonehaven, you support and generosity are very much appreciated.